These Delicate Waist Beads Can Be Worn Alone Or To Compliment Another Strand Of Beads You Already Have!



  • Mixed Color Glass Beads (1 mm) - Smallest Bead Size
  • Stainless Steel Clasp (Closure)
  • OPTIONAL: 3 Inch Stainless Steel Extension Chain With Matching Detail



-Can be worn on belly button or lower, to your liking.
-Wear Under or over clothes, or even with your bikini/bathing suit!

Waist beads have been worn for centuries for multiple reasons:
*Attracting a lover, stimulating a partner;
*Maintaining or gaining a shapely waist & Weight Loss tool;
*Healing (by adding certain semi-precious stones or dipping into essential oils);
*Symbolism: Status, Sexuality & Femininity.

Simple Blue Tone Waist Beads

    • In order to measure accurately, please use a measuring tape! (Available at most "Dollar" stores)
    • Make sure it is snug but not too tight or loose.
    • Measure where you would like the beads to sit.
    • If you plan on losing weight, I recommend you take an extension chain so you can wear it longer.  

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