-3mm Green & Silver Glass Beads

-Stainless Steel Lobster Claw Closure

-2x1 Inch Ankh Charm


Waist beads have been worn for centuries for multiple reasons:

*Attracting a lover, stimulating a partner;
*Maintaining or gaining a shapely waist & Weight Loss tool;
*Healing (by adding certain semi-precious stones or dipping into essential oils);
*Symbolism: Status, Sexuality & Femininity.
-A constant reminder of all these as you wear them :)

Green & Silver Ankh Waist Beads

  • -In order to measure accurately, please use a measuring tape! (Available at most "Dollar" stores)

    -Make sure it is snug but not too tight or loose.

    -Measure where you would like the beads to sit.
    -If you plan on losing weight, I recommend you take an extension chain (Standard 2 Inches or contact me for more)
    -Can be worn on belly button or lower, to your liking. 
    -Wear Under or over clothes, or even with your bikini/bathing suit!


    YOUR SIZE NOT LISTED OR WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT? Contact Me Directly Via Chat, Email or Social Media!

    •  Choose between Stainless Steel Wire (Nylon Coated) & Stretch Cord.
    • How to choose?? Depending on your goals...stainless does not stretch at all and is an accurate tracker of your waist size. Stretch is more forgiving when sitting and working out. but although the cord is of high quality, it may remain stretched out.