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These are my trademark waist beads with the Eye of Horus, the inspiration behind my logo.

Rose quartz are semi precious stones that are reknowned for self healing, promoting self love & femininity.



  • Stainless Steel wire, covered in nylon, is extra strong & does NOT stretch for more accurate tracking of your waistline.
  • Mixed glass beads of different shades of pink, gold and bronze (1-2 mm).
  • Tubular glass beads (5 mm).
  • Minimum of 9 Rose Quartz beads.
  • Stainless Steel Chain.
  • Stainless Steel Clasp.
  • Stainless Steel Eye of Horus charm/pendant (1 inch x 0.75 inch).
  • OPTIONAL: Stainless Steel Extension chain (3 Inches)


Note: Stainless Steel can be worn in water but may discolor over time.




You must measure yourself where you want the waist beads to sit. Usually they are work around the belly button, some like them closer to the waist. These DO NOT STRETCH so it is crutial that you measure yourself. The strand may break under pressure like if you bend over or sit down when they are tight. I beg you take this step as I cannot refund due to sizing issue.

Gytana Signature Waist Beads (3 in 1) - Pink Tones & Rose Quartz

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